Initialize a Spilo template

The configuration for Spilo has a lot of items. To help you build a template for your needs, the senza application has a postgresapp template which will guide you through most of these items.

For more details, check the configuration: Configuration

senza init spilo-tutorial.yaml

You should choose the postgresapp option in senza.

Create a Cloud Formation Stack

After this you create a Cloud Formation Stack from the generated template using senza create

senza create spilo-tutorial.yaml <name> [PARAMETERS]

The <name> is the same as a senza <version> and therefore should adhere to those limitations. We advise you to use a descriptive name instead of a number, as a data store is supposed to be long lived and the stack will be upgraded in place. A descriptive name could be mediawiki if you are going to use it to store your own wiki.

Parameters may not be required if you have specified all configuration options in the template.

Demo Spilo deployment

Demo on asciicast