Spilo combines Patroni with stups. Running Spilo therefore requires that you have an Amazon VPC with Stups installed. For more details, see the Stups Installation Guide


To be able to deploy and troubleshoot Spilo, you need the stups tooling installed locally:

$ sudo pip3 install --upgrade stups

If you need different installation methods, run into issues, or want more details on how to install the stups tooling locally, we refer you to the Stups User's Guide

You can test your setup by logging in using mai and then listing the already running instances using senza, example session:

$ mai login
Please enter password for encrypted keyring:
Authenticating against https://aws.example.com.. OK
Assuming role AWS Account 1234567890 (example-team): SomeRoleName.. OK
Writing temporary AWS credentials.. OK
$ senza list
Stack Name|Ver.    |Status         |Created|Description
spilo      tutorial CREATE_COMPLETE  6d ago Spilo ()


Patroni requires a DCS. One of these could be etcd. You may already have etcd installed within your account.

To check if etcd is already deployed using the advised method:

$ senza list etcd-cluster
Stack Name  │Ver.    │Status         │Created │Description
etcd-cluster somename CREATE_COMPLETE 242d ago Etcd Cluster (<details>)

If etcd is not installed yet, you can use the Installation Section of the stups-etcd-cluster appliance.

Demo etcd-cluster deployment Demo on asciicast